Meditation creates miracles.  

When we de-clutter the mind, we begin to see the magic, the miracles.

When we meditate (present in the moment) we begin to RECOGNIZE these same Miracles.  We begin to see wonderful things happen.

Always KNOW that something wonderful is about to happen.  Something wonderful IS already happening.  RIGHT NOW.




I love my Cruise Control!  I started using it, all the time, years ago, After I received yet another speeding ticket.  But the other day, I picked up a new leased car, and it didn’t take me long to realize that it has no cruise control.  I didn’t think they made cars without cruise control anymore.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to live without it for Years to come (at least 2 years).  I have not gotten a speeding ticket since I started using that feature.  I felt handicapped.  I also felt jipped by my car salesman.    

But after a day, I was surprised at how differently I began to see things, without even trying…  Maybe I DON’T need it Anymore.  Maybe I would be Better off without it.  Maybe this is what I need right now.  I need to be more present anyway.  This will help me be more present on the road.  Be present in my life.

I’m sure I’m different now than I was 12 years ago.  I’m sure I’m even different now than just 2 years ago.  

Meditation creates miracles.

I accept the challenge.  I accept the Change.  I accept a new Life.  I accept a new me.




Are you practicing being PRESENT in the moment?  

I think it’s funny how we Need to Practice this.  

Shouldn’t it be innate?  Aren’t we Made to be in the moment all the time?

What’s blocking us from experiencing THIS moment?  From being mindful.  From being peaceful.  Blissful.  Love-filled.  

Is it worth it?

Watch your MIND.  Because your mind is NOT you.  It is just your mind.  Just like your Emotions are Not you.  Just like you are not just your teeth, or your eyes.  You are more than that.  WE are more than that.  

We are PEACE.  We are LOVE.  We are BLISS.




Here’s another Breathing Meditation technique.  I just led a talk and practice on meditation the other day.  Everyone was “on the same page”.  It was so nice to be a part of it, to be in the middle of it.  

In the middle of Mindfulness (if that’s even possible).

Anyway, we started with this simple breathing meditation:  count the breath with a 1:1 ratio.  For example, inhale 4, exhale 4.  Or inhale 5, exhale 5.  Choose a length that is comfortable.

We went up to the count of 12.  But you can slow down the breath even more at 14 or 20.  Or… you can always stay at 4.  It just depends on the moment.

You can do this any time to help center and focus the mind.




During all yoga classes today, we practiced: 

Following the breath in and out, mentally repeating: “Breathing in, I am breathing in” during Inhalations.  

“Breathing out, I am breathing out” during Exhalations.

Allows the mind to be one-pointed.  Staying in the present moment.




MINDFULNESS means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally.” -  Jon Kabat-Zinn

It is Focusing attention to THIS present Moment.  Letting go of the past.  Letting go of the Future.  And just paying attention to whats happening NOW.  Not a day, a week, an hour, or even a second before or after.

Try it.  






A student I hadn’t seen in weeks came to class with a shaved head today.  I thought she looked great.  She had really long hair just a month ago.

I guessed that she had gone to India and did it for religious reasons.  And she had, as if an offering to the gods she said — her hair.

I was happy for her.

Then I went on about when I was in India, to teach the yoga teacher training course, how a few of the students, near the end of the course, shaved their heads.  

The philosophy of DETACHMENT.  It is what you are most attached to, that you should learn to live without.

I spoke to one of the students who shaved their heads, who was the only male (the rest of the students who shaved their heads were female).  He said that he was way too attached to his hair.  THAT’S how he knew he needed to DETACH.

I’ve always admired that.  Though I had never been that attached to my own hair.  I figure it’ll grow back.  And my hair grows back fast.





Simplify. by Bill Hybels says that “Your calendar is more than merely an organizer of what needs to get done.  It’s the primary tool for helping you BECOME WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME.”

He believes that to live a “Simplified Life”, we need to create room for both our outward activities and inner priorities (such as God, Family, Health, Passions). 

What is REALLY important to you?  And are you giving them enough of your Time, Effort, Attention, Love?





Let’s bring attention to Peace, Love, Joy.

I suggest removing words like these from your dictionary:

Depression/ Hatred/ Failure/ Illness/ Disease/ War/ Fights/ Anxiety/ Struggle/ Debt/ Enemies/ Terrible/ Accidents

Changing your thoughts will help you channel your Energy & your Life accordingly. 

Create a future with Abundance of Peace, Love, Joy, Prosperity.  Use words such as these from now on.




It's true that Energy Flows where Attention Goes.
Everything is ENERGY.  WE are Energy.
I read this again today -- so instead of saying: "I don't want War." say "I want Peace." 
Then your attention is on Peace, so you are giving your Energy to Peace and Law of Attraction will match your Energy with Peace and 
Instead of saying "I don't want to fail." say "I want to Win"
Instead of saying "I don't want to be fat." say "I want to be slim"
Instead of saying "I don't want to have a struggling job" say "I want to have a happy and exciting job"
Instead of saying "I don't want to fight with my husband" say "I want to have a happy relationship with my husband"
And so on..
Stop thinking and talking about things that you don't want and only say what you DO want.