Here’s another Breathing Meditation technique.  I just led a talk and practice on meditation the other day.  Everyone was “on the same page”.  It was so nice to be a part of it, to be in the middle of it.  

In the middle of Mindfulness (if that’s even possible).

Anyway, we started with this simple breathing meditation:  count the breath with a 1:1 ratio.  For example, inhale 4, exhale 4.  Or inhale 5, exhale 5.  Choose a length that is comfortable.

We went up to the count of 12.  But you can slow down the breath even more at 14 or 20.  Or… you can always stay at 4.  It just depends on the moment.

You can do this any time to help center and focus the mind.


Yes it does help I’ll have to choose the right way that’s for me, kinda like Breathing patterns climbing uphill on a hike you tend to go in fast not realizing the walk you have before you, if I manage my breathing patterns the right way it is a Big Big Help and I have learned that from yoga and applied it like Friday when I did Mt Yonah that’s a notoriously hard hike, it has 4 stages easy to feeling like you are dying lol

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