During all yoga classes today, we practiced: 

Following the breath in and out, mentally repeating: “Breathing in, I am breathing in” during Inhalations.  

“Breathing out, I am breathing out” during Exhalations.

Allows the mind to be one-pointed.  Staying in the present moment.


Sometimes we just have to weather the storm because there's a rainbow after every storm.
I thought about the Breathing in and out on my 6 mike up and down a mountain today, you are a kind soul Tey! I got off to a rough start this year but today was a great breakthrough of the feeling of Breathing and enjoying life a beautiful day to do this hike it’s a hard one for a lot of people, so I feel fortunate that I can I started out saying I can’t do this today, but I did and i was in my own space to think and like I said I’m fortunate to had a great birthday and having friends here and online like you, you and your blogs have got me through a lot, oh and I did do yoga warmups before the hike I still have a lot to learn and I will get there have a great night!

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