These are lyrics to “Every Minute” by Annihilator.  Thanks Alan for sharing it.  We love anything that reminds us to live in the moment. 

Try to get it, give it all you've got

Live every minute, before it's time to rot

Try to get it, cause death is calling you

Live every minute before your time is through

So many chances and so many dreams

Too many regrets to ignore

I'm beggin' for mercy and I'm beggin' on my knees

I can't take this anymore

Please say a prayer for the dying

And now I must say goodbye

My time is up and I'm full of regret

Don't let life pass you by


Ah.... Thanks again for sharing this song
That’s awesome that you posted this, a great song that’s so true, and a great band I’ve been listening too for a long time, but this song has the best lyrics of them all, I’m glad I mentioned it, just listened today on my hike of Clingmans Dome Tennessee it was great ⛰!

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