An avid yoga student sent me this photo of her child on Mother’s Day.  And with it, a note from him:

“As you know, we had big thunderstorms last night.  This is mom’s Mother’s Day gift.  I shredded her least favorite throw pillow so she thanked me for the present.  Love, TT  

I promised not to mention his name as he is not ready for any fame.  His mother informed me that he likes to keep his artistic talents private.

I hope you had a Blessed One! 


Very funny Tey! I had a dog that was afraid badly of Thunderstorms, one night a bad one came up we had a wooden screen door, He tears it basically in half and comes into the kitchen, and just sits there, we had left the main door open you used could do that, so after that I would try to use the dog saying he eat my homework ha ha, didn’t work! But everything that would happen I blamed the dog, again that is funny maybe not for the pillow!!

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