Miley Cyrus Asian eyes photos... don't bother me

i'm sorry to say but i didn't know anything about these photos until just now. one of my friends here on myspace wrote me this: "I have a do you feel about the whole Miley Cyrus Asian eyes photo...I'm wondering an Asians view point seeing as how Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku Girls made "Big White Round eyes" in Gwen's Holla Back Girl...please elaborate" - kj i guess there's a $4 billion class action law suit filed against her claiming discrimination on Bill O'Reilly 's show it was called a "..silly, stupid, dopey photo.." and O'Reilly himself said that "we all know this is stupid.." and that this is a "..ridiculous complaint, has no basis.." furthermore this is what kj had to say when i asked him for his opinion.. "my point is it right to yell racism when a caucasian promotes it in their video...I never said to Gwen...Hey...I want 4 billion...cause we know...there is no..."WHITE COALLITION ASSOCIATION"...cause then I would be called rasist...and I'm not...for the world to stop being rasist...we need to stop complaining as well..." at the moment i'm not sure what to say or how to feel about this, maybe i'm still in shock :) i would love your comments or more information on this if you have any.. because before i have an opinion i prefer to know the "entire" story.. right now, i feel i don't.. thanks for being there :) and i have to add.. that not many things offend me, or i don't get offended easily :) so don't worry about my feelings here.. say what you have to say.. you can also always write me at