"love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re c



bring your own sunshine



it is your life.. don't allow others to live it for you..



one of the smart ways to spend one dollar is to "support your favorite artist"


says an article by Madeleine Scinto today! she also says "There are lots of stupid ways to spend a dollar.

You could blow it on a bar of candy, which gives you a couple of minutes and gives you a bunch of empty calories.

You could buy a lottery ticket, which is in fact the equivalent of paying someone to take your money.

Or you could think outside the box and get something actually worthwhile.

1.  Feed a Family in India for the Day

2.  Prepare a Vegetable Meal -- and Better Support Your Local Farmer Too

3.  Get Sweet Threads at a Thrift Store

4.  Support Your Favorite Artist

5.  Spring for a Small Gift

6.  Share a Glass of Wine With a Friend (Two Buck Chuck)

7.  Buy a Used Book

8.  Put Air in Your Tires or Vacuum Your Car's Interior

9.  Reach Out and Touch Someone

10. Put It in the Bank


lol. i just realized it's only wednesday.. i've been wishing everyone a happy weekend..


i honestly thought it was friday.. oops..


i started to write another song last night with the word "sex" in it..


i must apologize with all these 'sex' songs.. not sure what's come over me.  so i recorded whatever came to mind on my ipad voice memo and it's kind of embarrassing.  but.. i know i'm gonna have to get over that because i'm gonna have to let you hear it one of these days.


i saw the movie "drive" today with ryan gosling and albert brooks


i go to movies for the same reason i read books, to learn, to experience. but at the same time i am also a stanislavski trained actress. therefore i am very much detail oriented.  i try not to let bad acting bother me but when it's really bad, it really bothers me.  so here goes my blog about "drive".  

oh, and i must say i loooooove ryan gosling.  although his latest movie with another actor i adore, steve carell "crazy stupid love" failed to wow me.  it was the script for sure, not the entire script but just near the end where steve carell gets sappy.

back to "drive", i was engrossed by the script, by ryan most of all, the entire movie, but the ending failed me.  i was sitting there thinking 'wow, this might go down as a 'great' movie people will remember for years to come, because it had originality.  but i was wrong.  ryan might have put a spell on me.  he does that so well.  but i came out of the theater with nothing.  nothing at all to hold on to.  nothing to ponder over or be upset or happy about.  except of course happy that i got to watch ryan for almost 2 hours of film. but nothing about the story gave me a deep spiritual jolt i usually crave.  but that's alright.  i'm still glad i saw it!

let me know what you think..


9/11 - 10 Year Anniversary Commemorative Show - I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye



happy sunday!! 'live ur life with a purpose beyond yourself & you'll find that the world is as bold



i thought i'd start a little series on "decluttering" because i think it's a really important process we all need to partake in. everyday. thanks to brooks palmer and many other authors of the subject we can start today. it's never too late. so one day while brooks and i were on an excursion to a movie theater he tells me "i just got rid of a box of poems i wrote a long time ago." i said "what??!??????" i couldn't believe he said he got rid of an ENTIRE box of old writings of his, so i was a bit confused. i mean.. how could he get rid of a part of himself. his work, his writings, his past, his, i mean i could go on and on.. i didn't understand it. to this day i am not sure i can just throw away a bunch of my writings. but brooks did and that's exactly what he means when he talks about decluttering. clearing your (phychic) clutter. what are you holding on to that could help you become a new you.. the you that's meant to be.. if you haven't gotten rid of anything that drastic, maybe it's time..