“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that Oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”  Peter Marshall

Difficulties make us grow to our potential.

Pressure creates diamonds. 

Let us remember this.





Happy Monday! 
As a spiritual being, TRUST. 
Faith is an important part of that mechanism.
Let yourself make mistakes. Being able to know when it’s time to allow it and let it be.
Let this become a rhythm that you feel really comfortable with. 
When you feel that life is difficult — trust MORE. When you are uncomfortable — trust MORE.




A student handed me a bag of homemade granola bars. I thought she was just sharing them. But she came to class with the purpose of bringing them to me.
That evening I closed out the class with the subject of Detachment. 
She then admitted after class that Zumba allows her to just go with the flow. 
“Yoga is tougher”, she said. She would have to face her demons. She would have to face the energy of people.
That was why she hasn’t been to yoga. 
I understood. 
Our individual energies are so vibrant. Evident.




In life:  Be Strong.  Be Calm.  Be Present.  Be Grateful.

In your yoga posture:  Be Strong.  Be Calm.  Be Present.  Be Grateful.




I recognize that how people act and respond toward me, especially if they don’t know me, has nothing to do with me at all.

So what exactly are we reacting to?  

When our peace is disturbed, we must ask ourselves this questions.  WHAT AM I REACTING TO?

Maybe understanding this will bring Back our peace.  

I drive a whole lot, and sometimes, I get bothered by impolite, or just plain rude drivers.  And my peace Is disturbed.  But why shall I let a person I don’t even know disturb my PEACE?  

We do this ALL THE TIME.  We give our Peace taken away.  We trash it.  Stash it.  Forget about it.  Let it go.  

In yoga philosophy, PEACE is our true nature.  Inner Silence.  Inner Bliss.  Inner Love.  

This is why we practice yoga.  This is why we love to play sports.  Or eat.  Or make love.  Pray.  Listen to music.  

Stop giving away Peace.  Stop letting it go.  Just Stop.




Be Kind.

Work Hard.

Stay Humble.

Smile Often.

Keep Honest.

Stay Loyal.

Travel when Possible

Never Stop Learning.

Be Thankful Always.

And Love.

I read this on a friend’s post today.  I can live my life with just these words.




In Remembrance of the Braves.  Honoring them today and Always.  

Let’s take a Moment (or some Moments) of Silence to do this.

Being Grateful for our Breath as we celebrate this Blessed day.

We Love you and Honor you.




Have you heard of the Enneagram?    

It refers to the 9 types of personalities or styles.  With each representing a worldview or archetype that resonates with the way people think, feel, and act, according to their world view, others, and themselves.

I’m on my third book on the Enneagram and I feel that I still have much to learn and discover.  Not just about other people, but about myself.

I feel that the more I know, the more I have to learn.  The more I need to understand — how truly different we all are.  

It has been a journey looking into other people’s (plus my own) behaviors.  

Recognizing the way I do things, has (and will) help me become better at what I do and the way I treat others.  The way I think, or not think.  The way I feel, or sometimes, not feel.

And then meditate on it.  Forget it all and just be.




I practice yoga with a teacher who sometimes gives out chocolates. My chocolate wrapper said to keep life moving forward because looking back is for time travelers.
Why Do we look back?
To enjoy the moment that passed? To open up past wounds? Just because? 
And what has the past given us?
What does the past give us that the present Cannot?




Happy 1st of July!

I fell biking the path from Santa Monica beach to Venice.  I was going way too fast on a turn with much sand on the path.  I got all scratched up as I slid through the fall.  I’m well aware that it could have gone much worse.  

Soon after I got back on my bike and started riding again, the front rider of a tandem bike was still lying with the bike sideways on the sandy concrete suffering from her injuries.  I hope she didn’t hurt herself too badly. 

I write about this because I actually didn’t mind the fall and dressing my wounds.  

Maybe I needed it to keep me PRESENT. 

I love being near the ocean.  Soaking up the energy of nature. I love seeing everyone doing the same.  But maybe I wasn’t doing that as much as I could have. 

The fall allowed me to be more present.  In my body. Attending to my arm, wrist, knuckles, palm.  My knees and shins.  My left shoulder.  Right shoulder. 

The accident missed my face but I still tended to it.  I was grateful I didn’t  get my face all scratched up and my sunglasses were still intact. 

Today was a great day!  I hope yours was too.