A student I hadn’t seen in weeks came to class with a shaved head today.  I thought she looked great.  She had really long hair just a month ago.

I guessed that she had gone to India and did it for religious reasons.  And she had, as if an offering to the gods she said — her hair.

I was happy for her.

Then I went on about when I was in India, to teach the yoga teacher training course, how a few of the students, near the end of the course, shaved their heads.  

The philosophy of DETACHMENT.  It is what you are most attached to, that you should learn to live without.

I spoke to one of the students who shaved their heads, who was the only male (the rest of the students who shaved their heads were female).  He said that he was way too attached to his hair.  THAT’S how he knew he needed to DETACH.

I’ve always admired that.  Though I had never been that attached to my own hair.  I figure it’ll grow back.  And my hair grows back fast.


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