Simplify. by Bill Hybels says that “Your calendar is more than merely an organizer of what needs to get done.  It’s the primary tool for helping you BECOME WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME.”

He believes that to live a “Simplified Life”, we need to create room for both our outward activities and inner priorities (such as God, Family, Health, Passions). 

What is REALLY important to you?  And are you giving them enough of your Time, Effort, Attention, Love?



I believe the simplified life is good, less stress, and focusing more on love and happiness, I see too many that they are on the move in each day they miss the important things, yes they are making over 6 figures but their health is not good, family life for them suffers, I guess right now what’s the most important is keeping a bright mind and getting more healthy seeing someday my daughter graduate college and have that radiology degree, so simplify is a good word Tey

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