A friend called me: depressed.  She was excluded from a party, by a friend, who’s also a relative.  They are very close emotionally and geographically too.  They do not live far from one another.  As a matter of fact, this friend stopped by her house just a couple of hours before the party, not mentioning the event to her at all.

I understand why my friend is upset.  Completely!  I have been there before.  But it was in the past.  And when it’s all said and done, here’s the message:

Someone asked: Who hurt you?

I replied:  My own expectations.

I love you dear friend.  You are also like a mother to me.  



You're right, it sure does pass. Thanks for your words here
I know about that, and it hurts when it happens, to get on FB and see your friends at a party, Concert, and don’t mention it, you just have to let it go karma comes back if it was done to hurt, sometimes people just don’t think about that they hurt you, like you said my expectations hurt me more, and it passes!

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